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Communications Information Research Institute

Introduction of TeleInfo Institute
TeleInfo Institute, China Academy of Telecommunication Research, Ministry of Information Industry (formerly named Telecommunication Science & Technology Information Institute, Ministry of Information Industry) is a professional and authoritative information research body in the field of Chinese Communications. During more than 40 years since its foundation, TeleInfo Institute has provided a large number of decision research reports for our country, all ministries as well as communications enterprises. TeleInfo Institute gains a lot of scientific research achievements, and makes extraordinary contributions to communications infrastructure construction, technology evolution and market development in China. Since the beginning of 1990s, with the faster and faster renewal speed of telecommunication technologies, and more obvious market changes, our institute always keeps up with the development trend of world telecommunication, and timely introduces newest overseas technology development trends, market-structure change and advanced telecommunication business concept. Our institute consists of three research offices (including Wireless Communications, Wire-line Communications and Industrial Development), and two editorial offices (including Modern Science & Technology of Telecommunications and World Telecommunications). Up to 60 researchers and very wide range of information channels make our institute have strong scientific research abilities. Our institute has a lot of well-known experts in communications industry, such as Song Tong, Xu Yu, Yang Qing, Yang Ran, Yu Zhicheng, Hu Shan, Liu Rui, Gong Xian etc.
Our Advantages

  • An expert team engaged in ICT research for years
  • Scientific research planning, comprehensive knowledge base, and leading industry statistics monitoring system
    An insight into trends of the ICT industry in its development, with a remarkable industry background and widespread influence
  • Strict project management, and professional consulting service

Our Customers
Government organizations:
Ministry of Information Industry
State Development and Reform Commission
State-owned Assets Supervision Commission
Ministry of Science and Technology
Development Research Center of the State Council
Municipal Government of Beijing
Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee
Telecom carriers:
China Telecom
China Netcom
China Mobile
China Unicom
China Railcom
Telecom equipment provider:
Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel Shanghai Bell, China Putian, Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Qualcomm, and Samsung, etc;
Investment analyzers:
UBS, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, BNP PARIBAS, CREIDT LYONNAIS, etc.
Consultation Services and Products

  • Consultation on telecom market

Information consultation service on Chinese and international ICT industry and market, covering a wide range of topics including overall environment for the ICT sector, regulatory policy, competition and market admittance, technology and standard, and investment policy and analysis, etc. Our research on China's ICT sector in particular can bring you systematic and comprehensive insight, helping local and international customers seek investment opportunities and assess risks in the marketplace.
Successful cases:
Industry Analysis and Strategy Research on China's Telecom Sector
Investigation and Analysis of China's Optical Communications Market
Research on China's Regional Market
Research on Voice Value Added Service Equipment Market
Research on Investment Environment of Middle East Communications Market
Research on South Asian Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Market
Research on Organizational Resource Strategy of Overseas Telecom Carriers

  • Consultation on Industry Policies

Consultation service on regulatory policies of Chinese and international ICT market, covering overall industry policies and legislation (e.g. telecom law, informatization strategy), regulation of communications resources (spectrum, number and pipeline, etc), market admittance and competition policy, regulation for various new technologies and services, universal service, technological regulation, standardization policy, regulation of communications equipment, etc. This offering will help local and international businesses understand the ICT industry policies and regulatory measures and avert policy risks.
Successful cases:
China's Bidding and Assessment for 3.5GHz Spectrum
China's Regulatory Policy Research on WiMAX
Research on Global WiMAX Spectrum Management
Investigation on Asymmetric Regulation for MVNO and 3G New Comers
Survey and Analysis on China's Communications Standardization
VoIP Regulatory Policies and Market Study
Study Report on Policy, Technology and Economics of Number Portability
Regulation Study on Radio Transmission Equipment in China
Research on Regulatory Bodies and Policies

  •  Consultation on New Technologies and Services

Information about the latest development and trends of new technologies and services (such as TD-SCDMA, LTE, RFID, UWB, WiMAX, NGN, IMS, FMC) in Chinese and international ICT market, research on specific technology or service market segment, and analysis and recommendation on business strategy. This offering will help local and international businesses keep updated on the latest development and trends of relevant technologies and services, avert technological risks and seize opportunities in the marketplace.
Successful cases:
Monthly Research on WiMaX Technology and Market
Research on Application of Satellite Broadband
China's TD-SCDMA Industry and Market Study
Research of Trends of FMC and China's Development Strategy
Global and China’s 3G Market Study
Research on Development of Mobile Games
Research on Development and Trends of Pre-paid Services

  • Consultation for Telecom Companies

For telecom companies, we provide consulting services that are directly related to the development of the enterprise, covering enterprise strategy and planning, organization and human resources, finance and investment, informatization, marketing, innovation and feasibility study etc, enabling the company to be quickly integrated into the environment of China's ICT sector, and increase its influence and visibility. In addition, we also provide conference service and media publication (World Telecom and Modern Science & Technology of Telecommunications).
Successful cases:
CDMA Handset Marketing Strategy Consulting for China’s largest Mobile Phone Merchant
Consultation on Market Entry Strategy for VAS Providers
Olympic Campaign Planning for a Carrier
Feasibility Study for a Company's IPTV Service
Industry Competition Study and a Carrier's Future Competition Strategy
Implementation Plan and Strategy of Mobile Number Portability for a Chinese Carrier

  • Market Monitoring and Warning

Monitoring and warning service on China and international ICT market for local and international customers, enabling companies to obtain in advance information critical to their business decision. Our monitoring can be targeted to a whole industry, a specific geographic area, policy, technology, market or competitors.
Successful cases:
Monthly Market Monitoring for Several Provinces
Foreign Telecom Markets Tracking for China Major Operators
Monthly Report of Precursory Study on New Technologies and Service for China Major Carriers
Weekly Monitoring Report for Communications Equipment Market
Monthly Monitoring Report for Terminal Market
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